How to play

This is a fantasy role playing game, unfortunatly it's still in development so you can find some bug and not a lot of function are available yet.

First of all you need to create your character, you can choose from human, elf, dwarf, half-orc... then you can choose your class, this will change your abilities, a thief can picklock doors and chests, instead a fighter can only try to force them.

Wizards and Clerics are able to cast and learn spells and scrolls (this is under development, actually everybody can use scrolls).

In the world of Kallen you can go everywere you want, explore dungeons and locations, you can gain gold by killing monsters, and try to solve quests. To get a quest you need to visit inns. When you end a quest you receive experience points, gold or objects. The experience pointsare needed to improve your character statistics as strength and dexterity. Gold in necessary to buy items as swords and armours. When you buy an armour you must go inside your character sheet to equip the armour you want use, when you use an armour you can see it over the body of your character sheet. Remember, the main goal is spend some funny time.

When you die you return to start town, you need to wait 1 min for restore your hit points or you can heal yourself in the temple (you are revived at the temple entrance). As you die you lost some gold and some experience points (gold in the bank don't get lost).